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Dominique Farmer


Dominique Farmer is more than an athlete. He is a visionary that carries compassion, dedication, humility, and endurance. Basketball was conceived in his heart at the age of 12 in his home town of Tallahassee, FL. But, playing basketball in school was not as easy as he planned. He found himself faced with many obstacles in High School and College that prevented him from playing as often as he could. Despite the challenges, He continued to shine.


While Dominique has not yet stepped into his dream of playing in the NBA; he has had the honor of playing professional basketball for the Harlem Ambassadors and Harlem Dreams. He has played basketball domestically and internationally, traveling to all 50 states, Russia, and Canada.


At the age of 29, Dominique had a life-altering experience.  He became a “born again” believer in Jesus Christ. Life now had a more significant meaning than just basketball. The Lord began to open his understanding, and his passion became more than pursuing goals, but about seeking God.


In 2014 Dominique created His own company called THE DOMINIQUE FARMER FOUNDATION Inc. Its mission is to pour back into young athletes. Dominique has a passion for seeing them not only sharpen their physical skills but have a foundation in God through love.


In 2018, as Dominique was about to give up on His career in basketball, The Lord opened doors for Him to be able to pursue his dream of being in the NBA. Through his faith in God and His Word, Dominique secured an agent and has had opportunities to try-out for different NBA teams.


Outside of being a phenomenal basketball player, Dominique is the husband to the beautiful Kareemah Farmer. They are faithful members of Carriers of the Glory International Ministries, where Apostle Sharon D. Walker and Prophet Larry T. Walker, Jr. are the pastors.

Written by - Kristina M. Bolton

The Preachy Writer
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